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Plasma Systems, Inc. delivers superior shape cutting systems that are backed by our customer support team.

We manufacture custom engineered shape cutting machines that provide the speed and accuracy needed to increase productivity while decreasing cost.

Call us today with your production requirements, and we will engineer a system that will solve your most difficult problems while increasing profits.

custom Design a Machine

Plasma Systems, Inc. doesn't lock you down to a specific system layout. All our shape cutting machines are fully customizable. The various built-in modules make it possible to design the perfect systems, for you the customer.

Plasma Systems Inc.

Whether you are a heavy fabricators, steel service center, equipment manufacturer or shipbuilder, Plasma Systems, Inc. can design and build a cutting machine to meet your shape cutting requirements

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HyIntensity Fiber Laser systems use a low maintenance solid-state laser source to generate a laser beam that is delivered through a fiber optic cable to the laser head. The glass fiber transfers the beam with a beam quality tailored for cutting metal.

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Great shape cutting machines

Our new CuttingEdge III, state of the art shape cutting machine equiptment with Hypertherm Edge Pro controller, ArcGlide THC torch height control that delivers superior cutting performance achieving optimal cut quality and optimize consumable life .

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News and Events

Stay tune to Plasma Systems, Inc. news and events

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Thanks so much for fixing my issue so quickly, I would just like to say that your company has provided such amazing customer service/ support to date it has really blown me away (it is very rare in business today)–pLASMA SYSTEMS CUSTOMER

Pretty impressed with the customer service from Plasma Systems, Inc. I have rarely seen such after purchase customer service. I am glad I made this purchase. If you are looking for a great machine and great after purchase service , you have found right here...–pLASMA SYSTEMS CUSTOMER

Thanks again for helping me, I just want to say your level of attention providing tech support has been amazing. From helping me with 3rd party equipment to fixing a code in my controller, I have never got this amount of support anywhere else. You provide the best level of support, and I really appreciate you helping me.–pLASMA SYSTEMS CUSTOMER

I have purchased two of your cutting machines. This has been the easiest to customize out of them all. I've never turned an installation around so fast! Thanks!–pLASMA SYSTEMS CUSTOMER