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Proven Systems and Outstanding Service

Proven Systems + Outstanding Service

For over 25 years Plasma Systems, Inc. has been providing quality solutions to the shape cutting industry. Our systems are built with the best components available to ensure our customers get the lowest possible cost of ownership with the highest degree of reliability. We are committed to give our customers’ the best solution to their needs, but unlike so many other companies, our commitment does not stop there. Our commitment is backed by the best customer service you will find in the industry.


Our experienced service specialist provide technical support and training for your Plasma cutter. We also  provide installation and service checks for your new machine.  Working with your needs in mind, we will configure a system using the best components in the industry. Nothing short of the best products ensures total system integration and premium system performance.


Plasma Systems, Inc. delivers cost effective, highly productive, precision shape cutting machines. Combined with one of the most reliable, friendly, and knowledgeable customer service teams in the industry, we are here to support your team.

Over 25 years of experience, Plasma Systems Inc. is a recognized service leader in the industry.

Manufactured and Engineered in the USA





Cutting Edge Design Features and Process

  • High-speed gantry designs using fabricated steel construction throughout and delta bracing across the entire width of the main beam for top performance and maximum rigidity
  • Rugged heavy-duty frames and rail systems engineered to achieve accuracy and repeatability at all cutting speeds
  • State of the art CNC controls with performance features such as DXF file conversion, high resolution color graphic display, shape library and quick plate alignment
  • Yaskawa Sigma-7 amplifier technology adds 3.1kHz bandwidth to improve speed and precision.
  • Yaskawas advanced set of servo tuning algorithms include world class vibration suppression, ripple and friction compensation, advanced autotuning and tuning-less commissioning right out of the box
  • Our machines support plasma, oxy-fuel and other cutting tools as well as marking devices
  • Convenient user-friendly operators console for fast and simple process control
  • Heavy duty, glass fiber, reinforced nylon carrier system on the rail and cross axis beam for smooth operation and low profile design
  • Hard chrome ways on the cross axis beam for smooth operation and longevity
  • Precision AGMA 8 pinion gears matched to AGMA 8 gear rack resulting in superior cut part accuracy
  • Precision machined LSS 4140 gas nitrided alloy steel wheels for years of smooth maintenance free performance



Processing and ordering your Plasma Cutter is a simple and easy process. The first step is a form which has a few qualifying questions which will allow our engineers to better understand your needs. Once the form is received one of our staff members will reach out to you for an over the phone consultation. After speaking with someone on staff regarding your shops needs, we can schedule an appointment and have you visit to see one of our CNC machines in action. After you fall in love with the design and see the fine American precision in action, we would then provide a quote reflective of your specific needs. (Note: Phone calls are always welcome and we are more than happy to begin the conversation in person.)


The plasma cutter industry finds itself at a turning point. There is new technology which has taken hold of the industry and a few game changers are now in the mix. One of the game changers is our new InSight Controller. The open architecture in our systems allow for tight security while allowing your company the ability to add necessary tools, e.g. software to the system.


The most popular features we find our customers adding is communication systems. The operator can easily message questions to your sales team, engineers and vice versa they are able to send instructions to the operator in the shop. The hardware found in the system is easily replaceable should you run into any issues. Unlike past systems, if your mother board goes out, you can replace the mother board without having to purchase an entirely new system. This alone provides for thousands of dollars in savings.


The system also operates using laser technology to measure distance for plate skewing and measuring torch height/distance from the plate. These are features which allow us to maintain a high performance CNC machine and keep your cost low and productivity consistently high. Read more or give us a call with any questions on how our new controller can help shape a more profitable future for your company.


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Proven Systems + Outstanding Service

Proven Systems + Outstanding Service

Proven Systems + Outstanding Service

Proven Systems + Outstanding Service

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