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Plasma Cutting, CNC Plasma Cutters and CNC Controllers from Burny

ITT is a full provider of shape cutting systems to machine manufacturers and end users. The complementary product lines of Burny® and KALIBURN® provide customers with a wide array of conventional and high current density plasma cutting systems, including easy to use shape-cutting motion control solutions for plasma, oxy-fuel, and water jet cutting machines, as well as for routing, engraving and dispensing equipment. In addition to state-of-the-art PC-based controls and drive systems, Burny also supplies operator’s consoles, torch height controls, plate marking devices and pattern tracing systems for new and used cutting machines.

Take advantage of modern plasma arc cutting and plasma torch cutting capabilities at a fraction of the cost of a new machine, by employing a 111Burny CNC Retrofit Product11 and Service Solution1. 1Requesting a retrofit quote is as easy as clicking the button to the right, and the benefits of updating to a new 1Burny CNC plasma cutter or various other CNC cutting systems is undeniable!

Supplying wide-ranging industries and applications with top-notch CNC products and systems including CNC controllers, plasma cutters and more, Burny is ready to meet standard and custom requirements.

PC-Based CNC Controls
  Non PC-Based Controls
  Drive Amplifiers
  Motors and Gear Boxes
  Optical Tracing Systems


 Burny 10LCD Plus

 Burny Phantom

 Burny PhantomST

 Torch Height Control

 Legacy Products



 Burny 2.5 Plus

 Burny 2.8 Plus

 Burny 1250 Plus

 Burny 1400 Plus



 ServoPak K-Series

 ServoPak AC8

 ServoPak NC3


 AC Brushless Motor with
   AP-20 Gearbox

 DC Brush Motor with
   Nema 34/AL-20 Gearbox

 DC Brush Motor with
   AP-10 Gearbox


 Replicator CCD

 Replicator 900 CCD

 Torch Height Control

 Torch Lifter & Levitator

 Operators Console

 Burny Scriber