Thermal Dynamics


Thermal Dynamics A Leader In Plasma Technology

Thermal Dynamics has been in operation for over five decades and is as a pioneer in plasma cutting systems. Its history goes back to Dartmouth College when Professors James Browning and Merle Thorpe of the Thayer School of Engineering incorporated Thermal Dynamics in 1957. Thermal Dynamics is a world leader that is setting the standard in flexibility, value and performance for advanced high precision cutting equipment. Our manual systems, automated systems, manual torches, automated torches and full line of accessories cover the full range of plasma cutting applications.

Today, Thermal Dynamics' innovative and performance proven products are the plasma cutting systems of choice for manual or automated cutting applications around the world. Thermal Dynamics' plasma arc cutting systems can be used to cut virtually any material, from light gauge to 4" (9.6 cm) thick, and range from highly portable 110V units for HVAC work to the most sophisticated high speed, high definition CNC machinery systems for high precision fabrication.

Selecting a Thermal Dynamics Plasma Cutting System

These basic questions will help you decide which system best fits your needs:

• How thick is the metal you want to cut? We offer a wide range of systems that can handle metal thickness from gauge to 11⁄2”. Contact our sales team for a list of products that will best suite your needs.

• What cut quality do you require? The cut quality you require will be an important factor in deciding which system is right for you. Cut quality is based on a number of factors – material type, thickness, and gas source. These factors need to be weighed to determine the best system for your needs.

• What type of metal are you cutting? Plasma can be used for cutting mild steel, stainless, and aluminum as well as most other metals, with excellent results.

• What is your primary input power? This refers to power at the wall or power source. Each plasma system will have a required input current (single or three phase) rated at maximum output based on your input voltage.

• Gas Supply Thermal Dynamics manual cutting systems require either air or nitrogen as a gas source – either from a high pressure gas cylinder or most often an air compressor. An air compressor draws on shop air so it is very important to control the air quality and keep it free from contaminants. We recommend purchasing an optional filtering accessory for your plasma system to ensure your system performs at its best. Contact our sales team for a list of products that will best suite your needs.

• Torch Lead Length Our plasma systems are usually offered in either 20’ (6.1m) or 50’ (15.2m) lead lengths. (Our 1Torch® RPT® Torch is offered with Lead Extensions in 15’/4.6m, 25’/7.6m, and 50’/15.2m lengths.) How far away from your power source do you intend to operate your plasma cutter?

• Price Price is always an important consideration. How much money do you want to spend? Plasma Systems Inc. is committed to providing customers with the highest quality product to fit your plasma cutting needs in a cost effective manner.